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  • Welcomp Computers provide contracted IT support with a wide range of services including hardware, software,consulting, needs analysis, networking and software integration. We have an established customer base in most industries.

  • Welcomp Computers was established in 1981 in the belief that the Customer comes first. You, the Customer, know your business. At Welcomp we know the computer business, and in partnership with you we can accomplish most tasks economically and on time. We believe in the art of blending business with technology to help your organisation improve its operation, provide better customer service and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Welcomp initially focused on selling the IBM PC and AT. This focus changed during the 1990ís and Welcomp is now mainly a supplier of software solutions, but retaining its skills in networking and hardware.

  • Welcomp is a franchise operation and each Welcomp branch is a separate independent entity and managed by its owners. There is no head office but branches co-operate.

  • The ability to utilise the above factors enables Welcomp to perform a thorough analysis and design, prior to ever implementing potential solutions, thus preventing false starts or reprogramming.


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